Where Can You Take Your Car for an Inspection in Pasco, WA?

Simmonson Automotive Inc. provides regular car inspections

Washington State Auto Inspections

Before you start burning some rubber, make sure your car is fully inspected. Simmonson Automotive Inc. in Pasco, WA performs regular inspections so your high-end vehicle is in line with state regulations.

Book an appointment for a vehicle inspection today to cruise safely down the street in your vehicle.

Why should you get your car inspected?

Whether you're thinking about purchasing a pre-owned car or taking yours on a long road trip, an inspection by our professionals is never a bad idea. Here are some reasons why:

  • Inspections tell you everything that's going on with the car, alerting you to issues or potential issues
  • Inspections can help you budget repairs and prevent small problems from becoming bigger, more expensive problems
  • Inspections check the critical safety components of your car, making sure you're driving a reliable vehicle
  • Annual inspections are required for you to be able to keep your car on the road
Get your car inspected by us today to catch problems early and keep your car running safely.